March 24, 2014

Drop Swirl Challenge

Hopefully I won't be late to enter Amy's latest challenge.
Even though I've made this soap in time, need to hurry up to finalize this entry.
Today was my very first local market day and lately I spent all my time to be ready for this event.

So, instead of talking now it's time to get ready with my pictures to upload.

Chocolate-Mint Drop Swirl

My daughter's paintings

My daughter has painted two pictures for me years ago. Those are still my favorites as I love their color combination and gave me inspiration for my new soap challenge.

Chocolate-Mint Drop Swirl
Chocolate-Mint Drop Swirl

February 22, 2014

Embed Soaps Challenge

The summer here in Sydney, close to beaches is just gorgeous. I can't get enough of it.
The sea, the sky, the sun, the moon and all of them above always amaze me.

This is the reason I've got inspiration of mother nature again for this new challenge.
The theme is embed CP soap. In this case we need to make embeds, and later need to (em)bed in  some different batch of soap.

Making embeds

I'm a lazy girl. Oops! Did I use the wrong word?
I just wanted to be productive, making more soap, cleaning up less. :)  Or I can say to combine the pleasant with the useful.

That's why I made a bigger batch to be enough for all my project.

Ready for embeds
Ready for embeds

October 17, 2013

Dandelion Zebra Swirl Challenge

Though I'm very new to soap making, nothing kept me back trying this challenge.

The wonders of nature, the unbelievable colors always mesmerize me.
I've seen this picture and wanted this color combination to be realized in soap.

First attempt:  Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights


I used Catherine's (Soaping101) Bastile Soap recipe at room temperature as it was recommended for a slow moving recipe for this technique.
The scent I used is a new one from my supplier - "Aurora Borealis" type. It's simple divine.

There is nothing wrong with this recipe, I've already made 2 batches of soap using it.
But now in the excitement of my first challenge I made plenty of mistakes: (as I'm aware of them so far...)

So I

  • need much more experience to recognize emulsification/light trace. This time I did NOT make it and the result is a crumbly batch.
  • miscalculated the ratio of mold vs soap batch resulting a flat figure.
  • more experience needed to get the same color-mix I dreamed of...
  • did not insulate this batch

Here are the results:

The surface of Northern Lights

The surface of this soap was too shiny.

Crumbly Northern Lights

The base color supposed to be black.


Second attempt:  Wisteria

The idea of color combination of this batch was the colors of my lovely baby wisteria tree.
It's spring in Sydney. My little wisteria tree already shed its blossom, but I still smell the wonderful  sweet scent of flowers.

My little wisteria in pot.

This time I used Amy's recommendation for a slow moving recipe:
  • 35% olive oil, 
  • 30% lard,       (replacing lard with sustainable palm oil)
  • 25% coconut oil,
  • 10% rice bran oil,
  • 5% super fat 
The scent I used was a hint of Violet Blossom. Smells just like the flower she got the name of. Sweet, strong and very feminine.

The temperature of lye water and oils was 40 ℃

I was very pleased with the outcome. 


Color combination

After cutting.

Ready to cut

 Variation of wisteria theme